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How Do Candy Girls Kick Off Tuesdays? We Buy Jewelry at 8AM And Name Our Kids New Jersey! Doesn&#821

Happy Twizzleriffic Tuesday Party People!!! How do Hollywoods most beloved candy girls kick off Tuesdays? Well…we buy jewelry at 8AM but if you’re thinking Diamonds & Pearls (which ps- we totally love too just in case any boyfriends, husbands or really generous fans are reading this) but in our case, We live La Vida Candy & Do our Lollipop Thang’ Honey! This mornings purchase was a Swarovski Crystal encrusted Lollipop necklace created by the most wicked craftswoman we’ve ever laid our pretty little eyes on, Miss Athina Madera who kicks it in New Jersey and creates magic in her candy workshop. She’ also has a major issue with Copy Cats and Jewelry Design Stealing Stalkers & Thieves and I support her passion, creativity and honesty. Has anyone noticed all the ties we have to New Jersey lately? Wa’Sup with that? It’s got to be some sort of sign? Once I figure out what it is, I’ll totally share, perhaps it’s the fact that I keep thinking about having another baby because I would like The heiress to the candy empire to have a little brother or sister one day that she can love, protect & defend out there in Candy Land and I’m thinking that the sign may be to name this child New Jersey! Hey! At least no one will ever forget their names when I send the off to Disney & Nickelodeon auditions because quite honestly, I plan on retiring when I’m 35 and living off their salaries! I’m so A.D.D right now and it’s apparent. Signing off to find my happy brain relaxer pills. Happy Day!

XoXo- New Jersey’s mom!-

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