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How does one go from promoting Jewish Singles Weekends in New York City, To This? A Self Indulgent l

Never thought I would have a baby this cute, be allowed to own my very own baby and love anyone other then myself, this much! (let me spell out- I-M J-O-K-I-N-G) Honestly, I was just NEVER that girl who saw myself with a kid and this life. I mean, I preferred Wild days & nights in New York City that were so insane they’d make you wanna “Slap Your Mama!!!” Can’t believe I’m sharing this but I used to have a job as a promoter for these crazy Jewish Singles Weekends for this place called Club Getaway and let me tell you, when you have an adult summer camp full of high strung, power driven, New York City stock brokers and lawyers who are looking for the woman of their dreams, or woman of “the moment” all hell breaks loose. And when you throw in ridiculous amounts of slurpee infused alcohol cocktails, zip lines, jet skiing and adult arts & crafts & all the s’more’s you can eat…well you can only imagine what kind of “crafts” would be created! Oh to be young & wild & free. Memories, like the corners of my mind…

And for the record to all the judgmental judges out there and perfect mother Mafias, I love my kid & my husband & our dogs & our family & our world but don’t you just sometimes wish for just one moment you could go back to the days when life was just a little simpler and a lot crazier and less responsible? Ok, maybe not everyone does, guess I was just having a moment myself and blogged it off my brain. Gotta run, I’ve got a baby who’s waiting for me to give her a bubble bath and sing her favorite Elmo song to her over and over and over again and a hunk of husband who wants me to read him his favorite bed time story! Life! What A Trip.

XoXo-Candy Girl

Classic Streisand- Mom & Dad Would Be SO Proud of this song choice!

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