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I Can NOT Tell A Lie! These Perfectly Perfect Cupcakes In My Kitchen Are FAUX FOOD!

UGHHH! I LOVE CUTE STUFF! I discovered these adorable faux food props on ebay and had to put them in our brand new kitchen. They serve a couple purposes though:

1. They’re sooooooo cute!!!!

2. They make me appear to be one of those amazing mother’s who stays at home and bakes perfectly perfect treats for her family all day long.

3. They help me stay on my diet because they look so real but when I lick them they taste like a combination of salt, dirt & baking soda.

4. NO- they don’t help me stay on my diet, that’s totally false information and I don’t ever want to tell a lie! I just really LOVE cupcakes and wanted to stare at them all day even if I can’t technically eat them.

If you want some.. search faux cupcakes on ebay!


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