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I can’t even begin to imagine what life would be like if I hadn’t gone out that one nigh

YES I HAVE! If I hadn’t snuck out behind my lame-o ex boyfriends back to that cheese ball night club Tribeca with my crazy girlfriends who were on a hot man hunt that one night in New Jersey, I would have NEVER met my husband who’s the most exceptional guy I’ve ever known… Thank God for lame-o ex’s & the stars aligning for me that night! Happy 6 Years Together Anniversary Gorgeous Man & Most Phenomenal Father, Most Gentle & Kind Human Being Who Seems To Love His Wife Even As I Make Our Lives That Much Weirder… Love you man and although I’m not that good at cheesy love letters I do know one thing.. I freakin’ love you and you’ve got an amazing baseball playa’s booty that I really have a very fond appreciation for and apparently there are several seasoned Cougars in the neighborhood who do too! I’m not worried though- I’ve trained the baby to give them all the evil- crazy eye and she’s even mastering giving them an inappropriate finger gesture that we’ve been practicing together for a while!


-Your Wife

WHAT? She just has a boo boo she’s showing you!

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