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I Get Lots of Cool Emails Just Like This, Sometimes I like to shout people out too! Be Nice, It Work

Hey there! I’ve been talking to a couple ladies that know you and they keep telling me you are fabulous so I thought I would say hello and introduce myself! I am Nicole with Dough A Deer doughnuts and I have to say i absolutely ADORE what you guys are doing! It takes a candy and dessert table to a whole new level! It makes me sad that I didn’t choose to do one for our wedding! lol Anyways, Jackie! I just thought I would say hi! 🙂 I hope all is well! =] Thanks for your time! Nicole Anderson

Hey, Hey Miss Nicole!!! I checked out your stuff, I like your stuff, call me to chat about your stuff. I’d like to taste your stuff and so would my candy girls. We give you 2 big Thumbs up & Booty Bump too! It’s the weekend now and we’re up to our heads in gum balls and parties. We look forward to sinking our teeth into your lovely treats. Call me chicky baby ( Cheezy wink and finger pointed at you like a pistol) XoXo, Candy Girl

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