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I just wanted an excuse to say shi, shi, shi.. Everything is just FABBBBULOUS! Me & Kevin Lee

While working at the Bel Air Hotel for one of my sweetest clients today ( Natasha. B) , I realized THIS MAN – Mr. Kevin Lee- event guru and TV Personality from TLC, BRAVO & STYLE network was the genius behind the events florals & production. I have to say, my crazy road has led me to work with so many fantastic people & designers but this dude truly is an artist. Forget all the funny things and catch phrases that make him unique and fun to watch, when you see the beauty he creates with florals and crystals and bling… it’s rather mind blowing. He’s a unique bird for sue but helloooo, that’s what draws us in right?

Anyhow, as we were setting up our portion of the event, I couldn’t even focus on what I was doing because my ears were too busy awaiting the sweet sounds of this mans’s catch phrases. He TOTALLY says them all too.. Reality TV amazingness for this TV junkie, nerd mom ! There are some moments in life where playing it cool is just lame and over-rated. If little joys like ease dropping on someone saying.. FABBBBBULOUS & Your Sooooo Chic & Shi, Shi, Shi makes you that happy.. then ease drop away! It’s really sometimes the quirkiest and simplest things that bring us joy! Another amazing story to tell my best friends who really NEVER care about the fabulous things I get to do or the fun people I get to meet. (And THAT is exactly why we are BEST friends! ) I love people who are totally unimpressed by everything! Perhaps being born with the Overly EXCITED about everything disorder is something I should get some pills for???

Xo, J

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