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I Like to play pretend sometimes. Tonight I was a total G.

I do a lotta parties.. ALOTTA parties! But you guys already know that. Tonight at a super fun Bar Mitzvah for Austin where we provided one of our spectacular candy creations, I had the honor of getting all tatted up by my friends at Bindi Airbrush and was a total G. If you are asking yourself, ” What is a total G” then fuggetaboutit. It’s just something silly and meaningless and if you are not down with O.P.P. then you may definitely not be in on the joke.

I wanted to know what it felt like to rock one of those really bad ass looking tattoos on my wrist like folks in prison do and of course when asked what I wanted designed I could only think of my baby so this is honor of my Isabella and hopefully for the next 2 days if anyone messes with me or looks at me funny, I’ll just flash my wrist in the hopes of scaring them. I’m also working on giving really good dirty looks that appear slightly crazy to compliment my tat. All I can say is thank God for rubbing alcohol because if my mom sees’s this, she’ll kill me. She still has super-mega mom powers over me. She won’t even care if it’s fake or the fact that I am 31 years old, a mom, a business owner and kinda smart when I wanna be. So I leave you with this, it was fun being a total G while it lasted but I think I’ll stick with my super sparkly pink lip gloss and just continue being totally- super- fabulously- fun and… Candylicious!

XoXo, Candy Girl

PS- Now you can go run & tell that.. Homeboy!

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