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I lost a bet today so I am admitting this!

So guess what party people! I lost a bet today with our magical assistant Jessica! So I have to admit something about me that incredibly annoys her. I’m always using the words then and than and weather and wether in the wrong context. So now that being admitted, YOU CAN JUDGE ME! I have thick skin though, worse things have happened to me and I’ve overcome them all. OH YEAH! I also now have to answer the business line and say, “It’s A Great Day In Candy Land, This is Jackie How Can I Help You?” We love you Jeff Lewis & His Bravo Show Flipping Out so we’ve taken this line directly from one of our favorite episodes but tweaked it just a lil’. Have an amazingly wonderful day party people! And Jessica, thank you for bringing us the random box of frozen tortellini from Costco, I know underneath it all, you love me and can’t imagine your life without me!

XoXo- Candy Girl

PS- Paybacks always fun though and I thought our readers would enjoy these Fantatsical pictures of Jessica working it with her lollipop in the workshop!

Work it Jessica, I see Candy Girl Short Shorts and Knee Socks in your Future!

I’m so glad the purple beret from Gap Kids fits you, it looks insane!

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