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I’m Obsessing Over The Broke Ass Bride! An Honorary Candy Girl Fo-Sho!

So I have to share this with my blog readers since so many of you happen to be brides planning their fabulous weddings or many of you are girlfriends who hope to turn into Fiance’s soon that will eventually become beautiful brides too. And then there are simply those readers who are delusional about their wedding days, have every detail planned, the dress picked, the venue booked AND you don’t even have a boyfriend yet! I’m totally kidding but I will admit, I have stumbled across a few of those and I just look, listen and stare in amazement because delusional folks are sometimes REALLY entertaining and who the hell am I to judge anyone? Right! So anyhow, you have got to meet the genius behind The Broke Ass Bride- Dana Huber who found a passion for planning, blogging, weddings and more while planning her own fabtastic wedding to her beau Hunter who is a very silly & sweet guy who performed a special rap he wrote about their story. Dana & Hunter reminded me a bit of myself & my candy king however, I’ll admit, my candy king is super low key & even kinda shy nevertheless, he supports my crazy world and often doubles as our head of security, eye candy boy, and heavy stuff carrier. You guys have got to check this out! It’s pretty rad!

XoXo- Candy Girl

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