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I’m often asked, ” Jackie, How do your Candy Girls stay in such amazing shape while bein

Hi Friends, Fans & Blog Stalkers,

I really had to question myself several times today and decide on wether or not I would be the one to give away my most amazing candy girls secrets to achieving such gorgeous, healthy and toned physiques. I have decided that it would be the most selfish thing in the world to do, if I did not give this info away and share it with the world. I imagined the thousands of readers out there who would benefit from this life changing fitness regimen and I was simply compelled to tell you..

It’s JAZZERCISE. They meet every other Saturday at the local Senior Center and sweat their little hearts out til’ they just can’t take it anymore. Their diet is highly restrictive as well and is followed precisely: Candy, Blueberry Vodka & Sprite, Ruffles & Onion Dip, Avocado Egg Rolls & Cesar Salad ( with dressing on the side please, we’re D-I-E-T-I-N-G duhhh!)

And that my friends is how one achieves true Candy Girl Status! Now Get off that Lazy Boy and… Let’s Get Physical Baby!

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