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I posted this update to my Facebook Page when I was upset and it really started a firestorm of conve

Pathetic social media fun fact of the day. You should now avoid expressing yourself, your opinions, your sassy, silly or dry sense of humor, being really open & transparent, honest & real because all the people in your life who DO NOT do this will sit and judge you, point and stare .These are the CREEPERS who’ll judge you, your choices, your friends & your family, your life and all the wonderful things you’ve worked your ass off to achieve however, they won’t ever let you know they creep but they do and their judgements will continue onward. This is in-fact plain old IGNORANCE and a really sad truth about how social media has changed everything including our relationships and how we view each other . Social Media- Use it, don’t abuse it. If you live life with NO MASK, beautiful things can happen for you because being open & real is something far too many people are simply too afraid of being… Try it, it can really change your life. Sparkle On!

PS- Oh by the way, sometimes I cry a lot because I’m a really sensitive person and just want to make people feel good about themselves because I personally did not for so long.. You can judge that sentiment too.

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