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I wait for this time of year every year because it officially means I get to play WHAM’S Last

Play it LOUD, Play it PROUD Party People! This song used to make me cry when I was a teenager and I would think of my super hot imaginary boyfriend who was desperate to win me back after I dumped him for his best friend on Christmas Day and left him in tears.. I have a very vivid imagination and I’ve always been a little nuts but at least I admit it. And to be honest, I didn’t even have my first real boyfriend until I was 17 years old. What can I say, My awkward stage simply lasted a little longer then most. Anyhow, nowadays us vivid imagination girls are called CREATIVE! So for all you Creative nuts out there who suffered from loooong awkward phases..this ones for you daaaaaarlings. We’re all fabulous now so WHO CARES! And PS George Michael, Marry me Lover Boy, I want YOU!

XoXo- Candy Girl

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