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Inspiration Photos- Baby Bella’s Fabulous Baby Shower – Thanks to our incredible friends

The excitement is building for Bella’s Big Day and all the pieces are finally coming together! Normally one would sit through many meetings & consultations to come up with a vision for their event design but between everything going on in our crazy candy life and our jam-packed calendar of scheduled events on top of new events being booked daily, We simply Have No TIME! I used to love this quote ” There are 24 workable hrs in a day” But at this point in our lives- I need more Hrs & more Days! Don’t even get me started on how neglected our friends & family and even our dogs have been! A growing business is a huge blessing in todays economic climate- so whoever is listening- I am so NOT complaining and I’m very thankful. So back to the planning of Bella’s Big Day- Thank God I have the incredibly talented and responsive team at Vini’s Party Rental to take over the task of making things look pretty and giving our guests comfortable chairs and tables and lounge pieces to sit on. They have an incredible selection of every type of rental needed for any size event. They are my go-to vendor always. They are widely known in Los Angeles, The South Bay and Orange County. What I love about them is the service! Nayma Bran is my event coordinator and owner and she’s very in-tune with new trends- event designs and what’s Hot! I love people who can think outside of the box and also get excited about doing something new- over the top & fabulous! I literally book events with clients and simply ask her to take-over. It’s great having resources like this- you save so much time & energy. I’m a big believer in letting the pro’s do their jobs. Nayma- came up with my event design- my colors- my everything! I highly, highly recommend giving her a call weather you simply need 100 chairs & tables for your next event or a complete event over-haul with all the bells & whistles… We’ll be posting all the photos of the event once it takes place- stay tuned! Keep it Sweet! XoXo, Jackie & Baby Bella

Nayma Bran | Event Coordinator

Vini’s Party Rentals

p (310) 527-6632 | f (310) 527-2851

1617 W. Rosecrans Ave., Gardena, CA

Our 1 and ONLY Choice for event rentals in Los Angeles! Fabulous luxe linens, luminous lighting, phenomenal lounge furniture rentals and more… 1 great event after another, Vini’s has always been the go to vendor for Top Los Angeles & Orange County Event Planners!!!

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