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It’s a Beautiful Baby Boy!!! A fabulous dessert bar of sweets & treats galore…

Dear Kelle Cake Pops,

Why are you so rad & talented? Why? Because GOD made you that way silly! Duhhh! Everything you do is so cute and yummy just like YOU! This baby shower dessert bar was so sweet and your candy flowers look amazing. I don’t even want to know how long they took to you to make and knowing you, you probably made each and every single one of them by hand, didn’t you? I love that you work really, really hard and never complain about it, you’re not a spoiled brat and you appreciate every single job and opportunity that comes your way too. Just like me!

Keep Baking your pants off.. People are definitely buzzing about you, starting with ME!

XoXo- Your Biggest Fan!

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