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It’s Christmas Eve & I wish those of you who are just like me a very Happy Christmanukkah

Hi Party People, Happy Christmas Eve to you all!!!

It’s officially 5 hrs and 29 minutes until Christmas Day is here in So Cal! I promised myself to post even during the holidays so that I could get my blog fix on and make sure I posted something to celebrate the season. So with that being said, for those of you who are anything like me and can relate to being a fabtasticly glamourous ( High self-esteem day!) Catholic / Jew & Soooo Proud of that- I wish you Cashews all a very Happy Christmasanukkah! The dreidels are done being spun & the Menorah lights slowly fade but now we party our pixie stick pants off with my favorite Jolly Fattie- Good Ol’ St. Nick. And I also have to give a massive shout out to the Fabulous Birthday Boy- Happy Birthday Jesus!!!! This cake below is for you and represents the fact that we can all celebrate whoever, whatever, whenever and do it with peace & harmony. I wish for everyone to have most memorable holiday and although presents aren’t really important (at all!) I will TOTALLY let you know if my candy king Chris ( I mean…Santa) gets me the Candy Land & Rainbow colored and rhinestoned Ferrari that was #2 on my list. My #1 gift on my list is pretty personal this year and it’s actually all I really care about, all I want and all I need and it’s something that not even all the money in the world could buy! Nevertheless, I wish everyone so much love & fun and permanent smiles that last you throughout the New Year. Don’t forget the true meaning & reason for the season party people!


Candy Girl

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