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It’s Ladies Night 1/2 Price Drinks For Babies- Bella & Reghan Go To A Bar & Tear It

Isabella ” Heiress to the candy empire ” and her BFF Reghan who is always so fashion forward ( I mean, Hello! Her mom rocks a Henry Bendel Baby Bag like nobody’s business!) hit the town for ladies night at the super sophisticated Macaroni Grill. The girls hadn’t seen each other in a few months and they just needed a night off to de-stress, catch up on gossip and have a drink or two or three. As usual, Reghan promised she’s be dressed casual so The Heiress to the candy empire picked out her favorite polka dot PJ’s and massive hair bow but when she arrived was shocked to find Reghan decked out in her fabulous statement hat, skinny jeans, baby vans, a blinged out tee and crop jacket! Reghan’s known for her fashion sense and we have to admit, she’s always effortlessly chic. Anyhow, they checked out each-others mani’s and at one point were a little too belligerent so they we’re cut off and things got wild!

Note to self: Only allow 1 Shirley Temple in Martini Glass per child from now on!

C’mom Party People as if we’d give our babies real Cosmos & Alcohol.

Life is short, make it sweet & fun!

XoXo- Candy Girl

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