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It’s WONKA Maddness! Sugar Shock Strike Out! Diamond Bar HS Homecoming Night! A Custom Candy B

We Love Homecomings, Winter Formals & Proms and this time we provided a super mega fun custom candy buffet & dessert bar for the fantastic students at Diamond Bar High School. The event’s theme was Sugar Shock Strike Out and was held at the insanely awesome and huge venue, 300 Anaheim. Tickets sold like hot cakes this year and just about 1000 students were in attendance. We worked with the lovely Mrs. Gonzalez who we adore as well as the Homecoming committee who made all the big decisions regarding the event. This was a Wonka themed custom candy buffet bar but think Wonkas Charlie & The Chocolate Factory( The Johnny Depp Version). We created a whimsical custom cotton candy tree that the students loved and our amazing graphics goddess Kristy of Posh Pixels created super cute signage! Another great event, a really long night and a big success! The kids at Diamond Bar HS are so sweet, so kind and so much fun! We can’t wait for Prom Guys!

XoXo- Candy Girl

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