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Jaime Geffen & Shedding For The Wedding’s Brian Worley Of Your Bash! We made you some ph

Photo Cookies & Edible Images are super fabtastic & fun desserts, great custom gifts, party favors and are fantastic for branding your product or company logo too! Our phenomenally talented bakers Julie & Ernae created these beautiful creations for some of our Bestest Event Industry friends and real life buddies too! Jaime & Brian of Your Bash create the most insanely, awesome and Extraordinary Experiences in town and we’re lucky enough to get to be a part of many of them! These are on the way guys. We hope you lalalalove ’em like we lalalalove YOU! And we love you so much, it’s borderline creepy… sorry we keep gazing at your pictures so much on-line, you’re just so damn good looking, we can’t help ourselves. We love staring at pretty people, places and things… Anyhow, our over abundance of energy and enthusiasm are what make us so special according to our therapist, Dr. Issues. She’s awesome!

XoXo, Candy Girl

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