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Jessica’s fantastically romantic wedding & custom candy buffet & dessert bar- Temecu

Hi Guys, I have to say I think Purple may have to be the “IT” color of the year! We’ve had the honor of working on so many fantastic weddings and events and this year it’s been a beautiful sea of purple done in a variety of ways. This custom candy buffet & dessert bar was created for another absolutely beautiful bride ( Jessica). Jessica and I connected during the early planning stages of her wedding and when we discussed her candy vision with me she let me know she wanted plenty of purples, reds and said that Skittles were a must! Those are her fiance’s favorites. We included scrumptious caramel & cherry candied apples and plenty of bling & sparkle. This wedding was held at a stunning venue ( The Temecula Creek Winery & Golf Club) and was coordinated by one of the most lovely & kind event planners I’ve ever met! ( Miss Lindsy Hines- I think I’d actually pay money just to work with Lindsy again. For those readers who may not know about the in’s & out’s of the the event & wedding industry, planning events can sometimes be very high pressure and very high stress job. Hours and hours of planning and designing culminate to one very magical & spectacular day and of course, all anyone wants is for everything to be flawless, seamless and pure perfection! I have to say that this wedding was just that! Absofab or Absolutely Fabulous!!! I never met Lindsy before Saturday but as you guys know, when I love a person, place or thing, I take it to the blog! Thanks for all your help Lindsy, you are a class act my friend. Love THAT!

Enjoy the photos!

XoXo- Candy Girl

Lindsy Hines & I

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