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Le Petit Cake Gourmet- I fell in love at first sight…bite! Fabulous Cakes, Tarts, Custom Cooki

So- I fell in love again today! This time with Maleah of Le Petit Cake Gourmet in Los Angeles who knocked my socks off and made me smile from ear to ear. As many of our readers know, if it’s quirky, whimsical, different, retro, funky or fabulous- WE LOVE IT! I am always so in awe of how talented people are and gain so much inspiration by surrounding myself with individuals from various backgrounds with unique perspectives and points of view. Maleah’s creations are fun, funky and insanely D-LICH! I’m so excited about having her create some custom cookie favors & yummy tarts for my up-coming baby shower! I know that many recent posts have made mention of this event but I have to be honest, for 7 1/2 months I have worked straight through my pregnancy without really enjoying this experience or slowing down for even a second to let it sink in that I AM ACTUALLY HAVING A BABY! No matter how much I work , how busy we are or how fast we grow- this is one thing that I can not control. So I have kind of surrendered myself to the fact that I better get excited, start planning and do something so over-the-top and amazing to welcome this little bambina into the world in true candy girl style! I mean Fuggggetaboutit- little baby Bella has no clue what she’s in for! One thing’s for sure- my kid will be very popular in pre-school when I send her off with pockets full of jelly beans and lollipops that will weigh down her little pink overalls! ( I’m obsessed with little kids in over-alls) So now that we are proceeding with the planning of this Extravaganza… I will continue to share with you all of our fun ideas and fabulously talented vendors who will be partnering with us to make this event a truly special day!

I leave you with some of my favorite creations from Le Petit Cake Gourmet- How Cute is this stuff!!!!!!! Hot Pink Black &White Zebra Cupcakes, Pizza Cakes, Suhi Cupcakes, Cookie Favors & Check out those too cute 4 words Popcorn Cupcake Creations!!!

For more info on how to order call : Maleah- 310- 755-8726 or email

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