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Listen to Your Parents Kids! Mom & Dad always know best! Mine Do Anyway…

Meet Georgie & Arci- They’re Cute.

After all these years, after my rebelling, never listening, dramatic behavior, lame choices in boyfriends and running off to New York City with $400 that mom gave me when I was 20 ( and I still have not paid back) I have to admit, mom & dad still know best. They are my guru’s, swami’s, life, business and mental health advisors and the best Free Babysitters a girl good ever have! I gotta admit, they still look pretty damn sexy and act like 2 crazy kids in love with funny accents and now that I think about it, these 2 are actually the ones you should blame for all this sugar -coated craziness!!! This post is simply to say… Mom & Dad… I wanna borrow $50,000 for a new business venture! Cool? I’m KIDDING! These two taught me to work my ass off and not complain and it’s working.. I just love them, that’s all! I have a soft side too ya’ know… The Sass is just a cover up for deep sensitivity and issues.. my oh my and don’t we all have us some issues? Need a whole box of tissues for all them issues… Can I get an Amen up in here porfavor!

XoXo- Candy Girl

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