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Little Girls Are Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice. But don’t forget they’re als

I happen to be browsing the work of some insanely creative women on one of my favorite new Social Networks ( and I stumbled upon this incredibly cute photo of 2 little girls at a Spa Party that was created by the fabulous Christina at Lil Royal Teas ( What I love most about this photo was the message you see placed in the frame.

Be Confident, Be Beautiful, Be Yourself!

While I may be no expert on child development, I do know a thing or two about the power of really high self-esteem, the ability to overcome your failures and I’ve learned that just believing in yourself even when others may not, will allow you to do extraordinary things. Hopefully one day we’ll live in a world where all little girls will grow up to be fabulous big girls who know they are totally awesome, totally capable and totally perfect just as they are…

Photo by Christina Delos Reyes @ The Children’s Party Network

Below are some fantastic Vids I discovered on Youtube of the Cimorelli Sisters who are the cutest band of sisters who sing covers of really great pop songs. Something tells me, we’ll see their names in lights real soon

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