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Look Out For Our Cute Vehicles.. The Hollywood Candy Girls, Coming Soon To A Freeway Near You!

We simply had to do it! We really had a hard time deciding on wether we would do the whole advertising on a vehicle thing. We had only 1 request, make our stuff look cute & and fun we’re soooo in and we think this turned out just like we had hoped it would. Thank you to our Graphics Goddess & Pixel Princess Kristy @ she totally gets us & our candy style…

And PS- If you ever see one of our vehicles pulled over and one of us candy girls is being written yet another citation for slightly speeding, well… make sure you honk and say hiiiiii and just know we only slightly speed from event to event because we are sticklers for punctuality however, we NEVER EVER text while driving because we proudly signed our friend OPRAH’S No phone zone pledge and we think everyone on planet earth should do the same!


Candy Girls

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