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Lord Lollipops Sprinkle Tinkle Winkle For The Baby Boy With A Dinkle Shower!!!

Coming off a most wonderful weekend with the people I love the most who helped our family prepare for the arrival of our newest candy baby- Lord Lollipop with an insanely fun Sunday afternoon sprinkle shower at Lola’s! Rarely at a loss for words because I’m really good at using them, but when it comes to the moments in life when you are surrounded by those who’ve known you forever and mean so much to you,it makes you vulnerable and feeling like you’re ten years old all over again. I simply want to thank my candy family ( Yessica, Bree, Ash, Cam, Girl Joey, Boy Joey, Adam, J-Ho & Posh Pixels for going out of their way to make this day so cute, so special & so delicious & fun for everyone. You guys work so hard and you’re so young & beautiful and wonderful and work your asses off with smiles on your faces! And my dear, dear, beautiful best girl friend Miss Kelle Cake Pops Cohen who must have baked for days to create us the most magnificent dessert bar that was again.. Way To Pretty To Eat and so delicious that an 8 months pregnant chick had no business being near it! Thanks to all our family, friends, neighbors, friends of friends & all the crew working on our New TLC show Candy Queen, who were a part of this day and now a part of our familia too! Thank you guys for so much love that all I do is cry but the truth is.. I’M SENSITIVE DAMMIT! 😉

Love, J

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