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Love is in the air today & everyday…My Surprise Valentine 4 My Wonderful Husband! Februar

Happy Valentines Day to everyone! I hope today is just a reminder of how much love we all have in our lives not only today, on February 14 but every day of the year! This is one of my Valentine gifts to my wonderful husband Chris!( Correction- This is my only Valentine Gift to my husband Chris!) And I’ll also admit, I have no time to go battle all the crazy chicks at the mall who will be fighting for the perfect pair of cheezy satin heart boxers nor will I stand in line for an hour to order an engraved picture frame or beer mug with his initials on it. So here goes, I’ll share with the world what I truly think about my guy… I’m cringing- don’t laugh at me! Chris is truly the most wonderful man I know. He gets me, he’s patient with me (often needed, like daily), he understands my crazy life and even crazier work schedule and for that I am forever appreciative to him. He has a heart of pure gold and is the type of guy that would give anyone the shirt of his back, lend a hand to a stranger and give anyone who needed it his last dollar. I often wonder, “what makes me so special that this incredibly kind and gorgeous guy loves me?” My clients often ask me,” what’s your husband like, what was your wedding like?” Well, we tied the knot in a very private (courthouse not like the top of the Eiffle Tower or anything like that) ceremony in October. That’s the irony of being an event planner, you create these phenomenal events for your clients or the weddings of their dreams, yet when it comes to my own celebrations they are often understated and really small. We have so many incredible friends & family members who also know we are now expecting our first baby girl which is the biggest blessing of all! We did not plan on having her now but once again, with my schedule and need to plan everything, this is the kind of situation that works best for us. Once I found out we were having a baby I admit, I was kind of overwhelmed (you know, the usual hysterical freak out about not having the time to change diapers and sit through classes with other mommies who look beyond thrilled to be singing A,B,C’s and sizing up each others strollers while discussing the latest and greatest eco friendly diapers!) But I’ll be honest, something just happens when you hear the first heart beat and she kicks you for the first time ( Yes,I cried- my usual very ugly cry- swollen eyes, smeared mascara & all). I’m convinced she kicks me because she’s annoyed with my constant phone calls, loud laugh, obsessive typing & texting and working day and night! Hey! I’m just trying to teach her early that she can accomplish anything she wants as long as she’s willing to do the work! I know this may be a bit extreme but when she’s finally here, she’ll hopefully “get me ” too just like her big daddy does. We are calling her Isabella and I can promise one thing- she will have the most fabulous rockin’ baby shower an un-born baby can have and an even better first birthday blowout! Chris & I will eventually have our beautiful wedding once she’s here and although I may do everything backwards in my personal life- It’s just kind of always been my thing to live life as it comes and roll with it… So today and everyday I wish everyone tremendous love & happiness. And to my husband Chris and our future baby candy girl, Bella- I simply want them to know today and always…I LOVE YOU! XoXo- Jackie

PS- Honey- Click on the video link below- it’s for you!

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