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Meet Jorge. He’s Special To Me!

Meet Jorge pronounced appropriately in a thick Argentine accent you’d say (hore-hay) That is not an inappropriate joke, it’s simply how you’d say it phonetically and I only know about spelling things phonetically because I dated this guy once who was an actor/model and he had the thickest New York accent so his acting coaches made him say everything phonetically but even when he did, I never knew what the hell he was trying to say! Weirdo! Anyhow, Jorge is my dad. Without him, I wouldn’t be here. Literally. I love his silliness, his love for life, his insane culinary skills and creativity, his funny poems and ability to entertain folks of all ages. He loves his dog Mr. White & he’s an overall really fantastic guy who loves his family. Why this post you ask? Well, Jorge is a Cancer survivor and since October is also Breast Cancer awareness month I wanted to introduce everyone to him and bring attention to the cause. Cancer is no joke and it is one of my life’s biggest hopes that a cure is found very soon. For every cancer survivor and for every person who may have lost someone to this disease, you matter and you can make a difference too. I know first hand how scary hearing the “C” word can be and what it can do to a family. You may wonder how you can help, so I posted these informative links for you below. I love you Jorge and I’m getting emotional so I’ll end with that.


Candy Girl

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