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Meet My Friend David T Morris, He’s Silly, Cute & Fun & Looks Like The Hot Old Spice

Meet David,

He’s one of my most beloved friends. He’s crazy fun, sings like Luther Vandross, Dances & does pirouettes through the mall like Tchaikovsky, his looks are lethal & so is his brick house body! Rawwr daddy! Together, he and I have caused some of the most outrageous & inappropriate moments that have ever taken place in public places and we should simply be grateful for the fact that we were never arrested! He’s an artist and he’s wayyyy deep. One minute serious & poetic and then crazy the next.. and then 3 minutes later we’re all hysterically crying and then 3 minutes later we’re stuffing our faces with ice cream sundaes and chili cheese fries to take away all the pain!!! He’s a special guy and like many of my friends do, he took a silly little sassy pic of himself in front of a candy shop and posted it to my facebook. Thank God we have social media to stay connected because God only knows, that the friendships that have lasted this long are truly real and quite special and when your friends totally understand that your life is bonkers, bananas, crazy 24-7 and you are trying as hard as you can to build a candy empire and not suck – these are the people who matter the most. We may not get to see each other too often since he’s always busy entertaining people all around the globe and I’m always stuck playing with my candy but that’s OK. Some relationships are perfectly imperfect and that is a beautiful thing to me!

Enjoy the pics of David & I’m not sure how long this post will remain because he may Yell at me to delete it but seriously, any guy who rocks a pleather red man-kini with stars on the booty, a sailor suit and has an un-canny resemblance to the Hot Old Spice Guy in the funny commercials, deserves to be put on blast and shared with the world!

Enjoy him like I do, Love you Uncle David


Candy Girl

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