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More Candy Drama-rama!!! A Very Bitter Sweet Lesson Learned! This Candy Girl May Have A Masters Degr

Do I love my job? YES? Do I love this fantastically fun business that I have worked 24/7 round the clock for? I sure do! Do I have amazing clients who have become friends and look out for my Candy Girls and I and wish nothing but good things for us? You Betcha! So what’s that all about you ask? Why all the questions Candy Girl? Well, I’m pretty much an open book in real life and my blog life. This is a place for me to share everything awesome that happens to me, my family, my candy girls, my friends my beloved clients and my business. The more we grow and I admit, it’s been an unbelievably rapid rise to the top, the more we are exposed to amazing, life changing opportunities and really wonderful and super fun things. BUT, since we also happen to have the strongest presence online within this magical world of Candy & Events ( BTW,Very hard work & a ton of sacrifice made that happen not magically wishing upon a star) some folks have taken our very hard work and turned it into an opportunity to very sneakily, ride our coat tails and piggy back off the success of our company. Pretty gross behavior right, are you gagging like me? I mean, I get it, the world is full of opportunists and the more awesome you become and if you are so super cute & fun too ( We totally are, Duhh) the more people out there will want to steal your thunder or hop on your Awesome Train!

I know I am being so passive aggressively sweet but do me a favor guys, go and enter our company name minus the last “S” into your Web Browser and tell me what you find. So what I am saying is go check out (Take off the “S” before the .com) I mean, WOW right, some nerve! There are others attempting to do it too! I feel like Jeff Lewis from Bravo’s flipping out. There was an episode where his partner Ryan was redirecting internet traffic to his website by using Jeff’ Lewis’s name, fame and his business’s notoriety. Jeff was crushed and pissed, rightfully so! Such a No, No and such a Gross business practice. And BTW, there are others who will continue doing the same thing over and over again so with that said, it’s a great thing to have LAWYERS, really nasty & mean ones who went to really really amazing Law Schools! I’m just saying…

So now that I have this out into the universe and vented my frustration, I leave you with an inspirational quote from my most favorite New Jersey Housewife and the one who I relate to the most for being tough yet sweet, so strong yet incredibly sensitive and loyal to a fault. The greatest mother hen of them all, Caroline Manzo. However, I altered the quote just a bit to make it more appropriate to the Candy Girls & I.

” Let me tell you’s something about me and my Candy Girls, We are as thick as thieves and we protect each other til’ the end!!!”

(While wearing lots of pink sparkly lip gloss and really cute outfits too, STEP OFF!!!) I may deal with Candy but I promise YOU, I am so NOT the girl you want to play with in the court room, I have an amazing legal track record!) And now that I have blogged this off my chest, I am off to an amazing day to pick up some fabulous samples of custom made lollipops made just for us and so thrilled about just receiving my new Debbie Gibson Greatest Hits CD in the mail! XoXo, Candy Girl

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