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Mother Natures Candy Buffet Bar- A Fruit Lovers Paradise, Ritz Carlton, Marina Del Ray

I hate to be the one to admit it but Mother Natures Candy is kind of amazing too! This phenomenal Custom Fruit Buffet Bar was created for a Wedding we coordinated at the gorgeous Ritz Carlton Hotel for Sally & Andy’s Platinum wedding. Of course I love candy, I mean it’s kind of like an inappropriate love affair that I am having but the truth is, I really just love things that are pretty and beyond and this fantastical fruit buffet bar is just that! FANTASTICAL! This fruit buffet contained nothing but fresh, tropical fruit selections as well as an array of dried fruits and they were displayed in such a magnificent way, everything was almost too pretty to eat. We hear that a lot too when it comes to our candy. These over the top fruit buffet bars are very common with Jewish, Russian, Persian & Israeli weddings and we are seeing them more and more and are also receiving more and more requests for these beautiful creations. Add a chocolate fountain and Wa-la, You’ve got a fab fruit & fondue like dessert bar.

Here’s to Mother Nature, She’s pretty amazing and so is her stuff…

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