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Natalie’s TOP MODEL Mitzvah Bash & Create Your Own Pixie Stick Candy Bar & Activity

Man-o-man do we live for Mitzvahs and Natalie’s was NO exception. This Gorgeous girl celebrated her Bat Mitzvah in true fashionista style. Natalie’s Top Model Mitzvah was a super bash complete with gorgeous florals from Tic Tock Couture and a beautifully produced event. Natalie LalaLOVES Pixie Sticks and wanted a Pixie Candy Bar! Guests enjoyed creating custom pixie sticks with all kinds of fun mix ins and even edible glitter sugar that added some blingtastic fun to this activity. Candy Girl Jessica assisted the kiddos all night and Natalie had a super chic Mitzvah to remember. Mazel Tov to the whole family!


Candy Girl

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