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Never Crush Anyone’s Dream! Not Even A Ridiculous One Like that of our Candy King, Baby Daddy

We were taught to NEVER crush anyone’s dream, never burst someone’s bubble, never rain on anyone’s parade.. And it doesn’t matter how silly, ridiculous or weird that dream may be. So with all that cliche’ mumbo jumbo being said, our Candy King, Baby Daddy & Heavy Stuff Carrier Chris is still at it and has not given up on the latest cupcake obsession. We can’t quite figure out where this all began, we didn’t even realize the dude liked baking so much! Anyhow, if you nurture people correctly, eventually they may realize that perhaps they are suited for other hobbies but until that day comes, we’ll continue saying things like, “GREAT JOB HONEY & WOW! THESE RED VELVET, PEANUT BUTTER CONCOCTIONS THAT HAVE THE TEXTURE OF A ROCK AND FROSTED WITH SAND PAPER FLAKES, TASTE AMAZING!!!” We are so glad his eyes literally welled up with tears when he got home from work today and saw his present full of gadgets & baking trinkets and things. Okay, so there were no tears.. but it sounded funny. The reaction was actually more like.. ( * Think Heavy Deep New York Accent) “cool, thanks babe what’s for dinner?” I don’t see this phase ending soon though.. I found another cupcake book and rainbow sprinkles in the trunk of the car too! Oy! Don’t be surprised if you see this guy trying to form a new company soon, I think the entrepreneurial spirit has over come his body however, I think he should stick with his love of baseball! Go Mets!

To Be Continued.. Or Hopefully.. THE END.. coming soon.

PS- Gotta admit, he does look pretty cute baking and maybe that would explain why we’ve got another baby already on the way! Perhaps Men Who Bake Cupcakes is the New Black!


Candy Girl

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