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New Age Mumbo Jumbo To Some Of You However, This Stuff Really Works!

I know that to many people those who are overly positive, overly optimistic, overly encouraging, overly ambitious about life and overly into the idea of pushing others to see their own fantastic abilities to succeed can be thought of as overly nauseating BUT… I could personally care less. I’ve been nauseous with morning sickness for nine months- I’m used to it by now.

People that believe and believe and believe even when they fail and fail, and fail some more, experience a different outcome in life… Perhaps it’s New Age Mumbo Jumbo to some but to me, this type of thought process and truly embodying this mentality has gotten me & my little family this damn far ( and what I mean by “this damn far” is we live in a candy coated condo and I own & run a very cool business and work my balls off so, don’t get it twisted- there is no Fresh Prince of Bel Air happening here). I’ve watched the people in my life overcome devastating illness’s & prognosis’s, I’ve seen my own little family go from having very little to having something very special that was created without anything other then my own belief that we could this. I have seen people who were once pretty ruthless, negative and even cut-throat A-holes transform into better & nicer people (me included). We all know that every day certainly isn’t filled with unicorns, rainbows & lollipops but this video below was so impactful to me that I had to share this because as sensitive & hormonal as I may be right now which is probably why I cry so easily-I know this will mean something to many of you too! I mean, if the over-dramatic YOU CAN DO IT- instrumentals don’t hit you, the messages certainly will. Now go watch it- it’s good for you!

Don’t make me come over their and wipe your tears for you and kick your ass into Greatness either because the truth is if you told me you needed it, I’d do it for you just the same way so many of you have done that for me.

XoXo- Candy Girl

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