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So check it! Today I get my 3rd or 4th way too early phone call from who I thought was American Express telling me my payment was late and it turns out to be a MAJOR candy industry C.E.O. who we’ll call… Mr. I Can’t believe I ‘m talking to you ( sorry can’t spill the beans on this one) who tells me in his deep C.E.O. Man- Dad Like Voice. “Young Lady, what you and your business are doing is changing the candy industry and turning manufacturers up-sidedown! You have created a shift in our products and we’re watching YOU closely! ( Yeah- You and all the candy spies, blogabee’s, stalkers & swim fan copy cats!) We’d like to send you X, Y, Z, and see what you think! So I honestly kind of peed my pants and died and with no sarcasm in my voice and full on R-E-S-P-E-C-T I said, ” Thank you sir however, I’m not that young- I’m 31 and have a baby, 2 dogs, a cute husband with a heart of Gold, rad parents who support my wacked out my mindness and tell me NO! when I need to hear it and the most loyal, loving and supportive gorgeous candy mafia family that a chick could ever have!” He chuckled and said, ” I like you, are you always this excited & enthusiastic in the morning?” I said, ” Totally! But usually by midnight I crash & burn and cry about still not thinking I’m good enough.” He said, ” my dear, you’re more than good enough.” I said, ” Yeah, I guess… my therapist Dr. Issues says that to me too, I just wanna move out of my town house and take a vacation.” He then laughed so hard and invited me to lunch when he flies out to LA next month. Kinda dope! I’m going to have lunch with Mr. I can’t believe I’m talking to you, what in the hell am I going to wear and more importantly, what in the world is the baby going to wear? She always upstages me with that great hair & those rosy cheeks and her tutu’s but she also seals all the deals, we’re an insane tag team this kid and I!

Stay tuned I guess….

XoXo- Candy Girl

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