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OMG! A 14 Year Old Is Totally In Love With Me And His Name Is Riley Cohen Future Major League Baseba

Hey Party People, So I have to admit it. I think I’m kinda cool sometimes. I mean, some days more then others for sure but I was totally validated when our bakalicious baker Kelle Cake Pops son Riley Cohen who is seriously so popular, so good looking and a totally buffed out ( all said with MAJOR Sarcasm in my voice) 14 year old future Major League Baseball Star came over to my house and hung out with me and my baby. Granted, he only hung out because his mom forced him to come with her and then her car battery died so they had to wait an extra 1/2 hour for AAA to arrive to give her a jump start. Even though Riley Cohen only waived to me when he arrived through the window of his moms car, I knew inside he was jumping for pure 14 year old joy when he saw me! I forced him to get out and give me a hug and come in the house. Teenagers Love being forced to give people hugs i’ve learned. Riley had so much to say, I think it went something like “Hey” and then he went straight to the computer to watch youtube videos, he broke into my Facebook account to update my status with very inappropriate 14 year old humor about things like bodily functions. He continued to take photos of himself on my computer and left them for me as special gifts. OH! And how could I forget, he did this all while sucking on a red lollipop he found and also managed to eat the dinner I had made for my husband that I left on the kitchen stove and PS- I never have time to make dinner and I had worked really hard on those 3 hot-links from Costco that took me 18 minutes to bake! Such a sweet boy this Riley Cohen. I love that I am now his Tia Yackie or Aunt Jackie for those of you who are un-familar with Espanol. You know what this all means right? Well, it’s clear that Riley is totally and absolutely in LOVE with me. Sorry Mariah, you should know this though ( His girlfriend) He probably can’t wait to turn 18 so he can ask me to be his new girlfriend..legally at least. I just want him to know that by the time he is 18 I will probably be so over him and living in Bel Air and he can certainly try to get in touch with me but he’ll have to get through all my people to do so. My personal assistant, her assistant, our trainer, chef, pool boy, dog walker, nanny, driver, lawyer, accountant, spiritual advisor, manager, agent, book publisher, and dogs. Good Luck Riley. All I can say is you won’t be the first to have fallen in love with all this Candyliciousness and my darling boy, you certainly won’t be the last! Hope you LalaLOVE this blog post, I’m so good at funny pay backs! See you at your next big game, I’ve decided to start coming to cheer you on and I’m going to be selling shirts in the parking lot that say TEAM RILEY on the front and HE’S SOOO BUFF & COOL on the back! Maybe I’ll sell them on ebay too! XoXo!

Love you too..

Tia Yackie

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