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On This Valentines Day We’re Honoring The Newest Member of The Candy Mafia- Our Home Girl Baby

We’re professing love to our Valentine. Please read this entire post in a super over emphasized Tony Soprano-esque New Jersey accent! We are proud to announce our newest Member of the Candy Mafia.. Drum Roll… Booty Shake.. and Whip your hair back & forth… Introducing Miss Eve Wilkinson who is so juicy and delicious and was also blessed with insanely luscious hair like our own Heiress To The Candy Empire and leader of the Candy Mafia!!! Her mom Danielle is our amazingly talented friend who happens to be a super talented producer, casting director, tap dancer and she’s totally famous and we’re waiting for her to make us famous too!!! Daddy Neil is a super cute Brit who has a fancy accent, drinks tea with his pinky pointed up and runs around yelling into his cell phone saying things like Buy!Sell! Trade! Wall Street! OK- I made that up but I would imagine Neil to be this way because Brit’s are waaaay sophisticado and classy. You’re still doing the NJ accent right?

So anyway- we Love Eve and wanted to welcome her in the most appropriate way and since we are pretty convinced that her mom & dad totally named her after the notorious Eveie Eve who’s an insanely skilled lady rapper and member of the Ruff Riders, we had to post this so that she could represent her hood and mommy and daddy in true gangsta fashion! Throw your hands in the air one time and press play below! Baby Eve- You have street cred like no other! Word to your mother! And… your father!

Happy Valentines Day Boo!

XoXo- The Heiress to the Candy Empire!

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