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Our Good Morning America Adventure! The Hollywood Candy Girls Created The GMA Easter Bunny & Ca

There are some moments in a Candy Girls Candyreer where she says to herself, ” No Freaking Way!” This moment with our friends at Good Morning America just happened to be another one of those moments! Ya know, it’s pretty ridiculous and incredible how much cool stuff continues to rain down on us and since I don’t really believe in having good luck as much as I believe in working really, really, hard for a very long time and eventually experiencing a freight train of cool opportunities because you’ve created that reality for yourself and your business and not because once again.. You’re just a lucky girl! Damn I’m good at those long run on thoughts and sentences!

So, trying not to blog novels any longer because I’m now also juggling 2 babies under two years old and insanely busy candy shoppe, rad events for brilliantly fun clients and trying to melt off this baby weight because I will no longer continue subjecting myself to doing all these fantastic things and looking like I eat midgets for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I know- it’s kind if ludicrous for a candy girl to be on a diet and I would imagine that it’s like when they say, ” Never trust a skinny chef” Oh well, I just have to be real and say.. You never know when the world is going to throw tremendously awesome opportunities your way- Your own Reality Show, Interviews, Requests to do National TV shows etc.. My time just happened to happen in the last 2 years when I decided to have 2 babies back to back.. OK so maybe not so much a decision but an accident but who cares- my kids are now the only reason I choose to work so hard. My children’s future is also why I choose to work like a maniac and stay in business. Ya know one day when they are in school it will be so easy for them to make friends when they say, ” Do you know what my mommy’s job is?” Yes! Working in Candy Girl Land and being Queen of the Gum Balls is a fancy title but the truth is.. I scream like a 5 year old when cool stuff happens, have emotional break downs with the Candy Girls because well.. Thats what girls do. We’re always incredibly overwhelmed, living in controlled and colorful chaos and if you are familiar with the event industry then you know- it’s high pressure all the time, lots of eyes rolling and women wearing all black outfits with their wedding planner ear pieces perfectly in place yelling, ” Where the hell are my tangerine linens Raul!” and things of that nature.. While juggling all this candy insanity we also continue with the same goal- to grow this little company into sweet oblivion!!! We will, we’re so on our way…

Funny how this blog turned into very little to do with going on Good Morning America however, our GMA producer Hana Karar is incredibly awesome and totally saw the vision for our GMA visit and Mr. George Stephanopolous is one of the kindest, most genuine dads- anchors on the planet! The whole team at GMA Rocked R Sparkly Socks!!! We’re so thankful for getting to add this to our super cool resume of awesome life stuff we’ve done! Til our next appearance friends…

XoXo- Candy Girl

And PS– If anyone ever tries to tell you – “It Can’t Be Done”– whatever your “IT” may be, my advice would be.. poke them in the eyes, tell them to shut it and run away laughing like a complete lunatic ending with 3 twirls as you get into your car and drive away to get some frozen yogurt!

Here’s the Clip to the Fun Story Good Morning America Produced in our Crazy Lil’ Candy Shoppe

This is the LIVE Demo On Good Morning America In The Middle Of Times Square! The Whole Crew Came Out For Candy Insanity! Pretty Cool & Super Fun Stuff

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