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Our Trip To The Big Apple! Candy World Domination Or BUST Baby!

Candy friends, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten a lil’ deep on the blog and the truth is, I’m simply so over-loaded, insanely swamped and now understanding what it means when they say ” Be Careful What You Wish For!” I get it, most people wish for stuff that is simply so outlandish you can probably bet, it’s NOT gonna happen however, there are some of us who understand that you can wish for the most ridiculous, outlandish, crazy ass things and if you’ve got immense passion and an ability to put your ideas into action, you CAN actually make these things your reality. ” Riches don’t respond to wishes, they respond to hard work and persistence.” I love that quote, it’s actually my favorite because it doesn’t just speak to me, it SCREAMS at me! The hurdles and eye rolls and amounts of times I’ve heard “you’re sooo delusional” is beginning to slowly fade to black and those who once were the infamous rollers of the eyes are now my ” I told you so’s!” This isn’t about proving people wrong however, being RIGHT is a little awesome sometimes and you know it! This whole thing is simply about a little 7 year old girl who used to write crazy business plans and carry an empty brief case to school because all she wanted to be was successful in business and do something so special in the world that nobody would even believe it!

We were in NYC for a fast paced week of meetings and exciting opportunities with phenomenal folks however, always keeping it level-headed, whatever is supposed to happen, is gonna happen just as it should. I know a bunch of you read this blog for party inspiration, you like the pretty stuff we make or you simply stumbled upon this random candy chicks page and are asking yourself, ” Who is this girl?” Well, I’m probably just like you, I’ve just been writing about my journey for a bunch of years and have found a bunch of cool friends along the way! By the way, our TLC show Candy Queen is airing globally now and you can catch it on Discovery Real Time in the UK & In Europe! Cheers! The fact that our TV show is now reaching folks around the globe is totally mind boggling !


XoXo, Candy Girl

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