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Ozzy Fest! The Chiqest Bad-Ass Puppy Party You’ve Ever Seen! YES! All this was for a Dog! A Fa

Meet Ozzy!!!

He’s a sexy lil’ devil and he knows it. Look at that face, it just screams ” You couldn’t handle all this sexy if you tried” Ozzy’s mom is Kristy of Posh Pixels Design Studio also known as the Graphics Goddess to The Hollywood Candy Girls! Kristy is a fiercely talented chick who is causing chaos all over the nation with her out of control custom designs, party printables & insane styling abilities and ideas. You know why we love our Posh Pixels to the point of insanity? Simple. She’s real, she’s funny, she stresses over details because she won’t settle for less then perfection, she’s a loyal member of the Candy Mafia and she has a heart of gold. No! Platinum and it’s encrusted with chocolate diamonds. RICH! Kristy styled this party for her precious pup simply because she loves him & well… she felt like it! Yup- All this gorgeousness was done for her 4 legged friend! So crazy, we love crazy! She’s a total party girl with brilliant ideas and she’s a bona-fied marketing genius. We often have to remind her of HOW AWESOME SHE IS because like many of us, she forgets it sometimes. Kristy- we love your face off and you mean more to me then you’ll ever know! Single tear drop rolling down slow…

And PS- If you try and steal her from us, it’ll never work because we pay her in C-A-N-D-Y & take her on tours of Hollywood and she’s totally obsessed!!!

Enjoy the pics of this Ultra Glam-tastic Rock N Roll Puppy Party!

XoXo- Candy Girls

Photo Credits- Lauren Tarkiewicz Photography

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