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Peace Out Valentines Day 2011! It’s Been Real & I was officially the Queen of the Cupid M

I OWN Candy Land & Am Leader of The Cupid Mafia! Be Afraid!

Well, well, well.. I suppose I must shout out the 2 people who made this day possible for me right?

Mom & Dad or Candy Girl & Mr. New York I wanna thank you for always dressing me up in funny costumes that will undoubtedly lead to some sort of identity crisis when I’m a big girl or starring in my own Sitcom one day. I mean, You see what’s happening to poor Charlie Sheen right? No matter what you do, just keep me grounded and keep it real with me always. I see how the other babies in music class act like their too cool 4 school and I just never want to be one of “those girls” who’s totally delusional about life and tries too hard to be liked. Like mom always says, ” I’d rather Boogie then try and fit in” So true ma’ so freakin’ true and that’s actually a Ru-Paul quote but mom does have some colorful friends who’ve become aunts, uncles and members of my Candy Mafia. So with that being said, Happy Valentines Day 2011! Til’ the next silly holiday, this is the Heiress to the Candy Empire signing off and wishing you.. Peace, Love & Candy Baby!

And PS- Contrary to popular belief, No My Mom does not put MAC blush or bronzer on my cheeks everyday! I am actually this cute with perfectly natural rosie cheeks. I know, as if you needed yet ANOTHER reason to totally envy me!

My Parental Units! Total Nerds!

My Dad, Mr. New York! ” Fuuuggettabout it Boss!”

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