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Please tell me you LOVE Jem & The Holograms Too! Glamor & Glitter, Fashion & Fame!!!

Hey Party People! I was inspired to write about Jem & The Holograms after my friend Tiffany & I discussed our friend Jamie’s latest obsession with all things JEM. You know, I’m so in that same club with you Jamie. I absolutely lived, breathed, and died for all things JEM when I was little. I mean, “Glamor & Glitter, Fashion & Fame” That sums of my life’s purpose No? I knew every word to her songs, I loved when she would contact the Holograms to help her save the day, I love when she would communicate with Synergy through her magical star earrings and I loved when they would conquer the evil misfits time after time after time! I know this chick in New Jersey who would make a perfect misfit but we’ll discuss that in private or over cocktails! I was obsessed with JEM and think I still may be. I just ordered a DVD box set on Ebay to show the baby. I’ll let you know what happens. Anyhow, I love re-kindling all these memories. Thanks for posting that profile pic of yourself with the pink wig and star make-up J, I was truly inspired to write! And PS- You are so sexy in Pink Wigs, Blue Sparkly Dresses & Star Tattoo Make-up! Seriously- You’re so Hot- I’m So J-Lous! Miss you!

XoXo- Candy Pants PS: This message has been posted per Jamie’s Request! My friends are only funny, super cool chicks! Jack- if you do then please spell my name right so the search engines pick me up. “Jamie Reibenbach” of “Addison Real Estate” :)! PS- You should run for mayor of Philly- I’d vote for you !

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