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Seriously! The Sweetest Email All The Way From New Hampshire! Where’s New Hampshire???

I mean seriously, we get a ton-o emails but some really stick out and melt your heart once in a while! This super sweet one did just that today! Thank you to our friend Angela from New Hampshire… Kind of embarrassed but I though New Hampshire was a brand of Sour Cream! Anyhow, You can do it girl! Sometimes you just gotta jump into life and learn as you go. My favorite Japanese proverb ” Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight” Think about it! We totally are all about super cool chicks doing their thang’! Best of luck friend!


“I absolutely love your website and products and how you set all your things up. I am a single mom w 5 kids and make noo money and this is like a dream for me to be able to be a party/wedding planner and your website and pictures inspire me so much. Keep up the great work its amazing and its def a modivator for me to try my hardest to get into what I absolutely love and hopefully I will be as sucessful as you all some day over here in New Hampshire!”

XoXo- Candy Girl

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