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Seriously- this is so cute! I wanna Cry! Le Petit Cake Gourmet- Los Angeles- Maleah Makes Us Custom

We La,La,La, LOVE Surprises!!! The Gorgeous Miss Maleah of Le Petit Cake Gourmet surprised us in a Major way when she posted this awesome cupcake creation on her facebook page! It’s Us- Our Logo! The Lips, Teeth & Candy are Perfect! Everyone knows our tag line… Because we all need a lil’ suga’ sometimes! She took it to a whole new level. We were so touched and flattered that she would do this and are so impressed with her cute & quirky cupcake wizardry! Thank you Miss Maleah! We Heart U BAD!!!!!! Check her out at WWW.LePetitCakeGourmet.Com xoxo- Jackie

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