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She was born into this life and now she owns it! Work it baby candy girl! Do Your Lollipop Thang&#82

You know what the most amazing thing about being Bella’s mom is ? She’s mine, mine, mine!!!! I look at this photo and think to myself, ” Wow Jackie, maybe you’re taking this candy thing a little too far.” Then I think to myself again, “I sure am and it’s so freakin’ super-mega AWESOME & FUN!!!” How amazing to have this insane career that allows me to say, “Hello World- Check out my little bitty mini me & candy girl in training, isn’t she just so delicious! Those who know me personally know that this is simply a day in the life of our candy familia and those of you who only know me through my blog well, I have a feeling you really “get me” too! Thanks for reading our super silly fun posts and for all your super sweet emails and messages. I say this because it feels right.. We love you guys, you make our lives so special & sweet! Can you imagine what this kid is going to put me through once she’s old enough to realize how I’ve documented her life on this blog!!! Hopefully she’ll love it and if not, I’ll send her to the mall with $20 bucks and she’ll get over it! I hope…

Hugs & Kisses

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