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So Can We or Can’t We Do It All???? Ummm.. This is an obvious Duhhhh Moment!

Tonight I heard someone insinuate that you can’t possibly focus on your family & build a business and career at the same time. You’ve got to pick one or the other. Now, I may not know it all however, I do know that I totally DISAGREE! On the planet I live on, mommy’s are doing this every single day and although we sometimes face very tough, heart wrenching moments with our kiddos and can be pulled in 100 directions all at the same time… WE CAN DO IT ALL! Obstacles only exist if you let them.

Night Friends.. I’d leave you with a high kick & splits but I’m honestly so dang pregnant right now, I’d most likely tip over & chip one of my un-manicured nails – GOD FORBID!

XoXo, Candy Girl

And PS- I’d be such a big, fat liar if I did not acknowledge the fact that I have got one hell of a kick ass, gorgeous husband & most hands on baby daddy who supports his insane wife so much that I’m able to make all this happen for my family.. I love you man and seriously, I still don’t even know why you like me so much!

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