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Some People Call Me Candy Queen However, Today you can call me, La Reina De Los Dulces! We Spread Th

Seriously! So many adventures lately Right? Even I have to stop, breath, take it all in and say “WHAT THE FUN-DIP is going on here???”Last week, we were off to Good Morning America for a super fun Times Square segment and we’ve got a bunch of other fun things in the pipeline. So So SO Proud to have been invited to Univision’s Studios in Los Angeles to do a fabulously fun morning segment on Telefutura’s LANZATE! It kinda means- “Get Up & Go!!!” I’m a very proud totally diverse and hyper Latina who basically has no problem jumping into whatever life tosses my way. Is LIVE TV Scary? Ummm NO Way Jose! I Live for this stuff! I love anything spontaneous and in these moments find myself living by what has become my motto- “Life is short, make it sweet & fun!” Lots of special things are happening and it’s borderline ridiculous so stay tuned and hopefully we’ll see more of these Luscious Latino TV moments again and again! To all my phenomenal friends at Univison- Dio, Dina, Carlos, Fernanda, Nataly, Luis, Stephanie & John.. Muchisimas Gracias por una manana tan Dulce & lleno de AZUCAR! These are the best of the best in the world of Latino Television and they’re all Smokin’ Hot Too! I mean Duhhhh though.. they ARE Latinos!


Candy Girl

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