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Someone asked me how I would describe us Candy Girls and I said We’re The Spice Girls of Candy

Hi-Ya Party Peeps, So this is kind of random but I love the way it sounds. During an interview today I was asked to describe what us Candy Girls are all like and as I began to go down the list and describe each of us one by one, I suddenly stopped and just said, “You know, We’re kind of like the Spice Girls of Candy because we really are all so different” Then I thought, ” No! We’re actually very special girls with a very interesting story on how we all came together and came to be. We’re actually so special that we are some of Gods limited editions! I’m just gonna say it, I think girls should be bold, and brave and sassy and silly and fun and totally who ever they want to be. Kinda like the Spice Girls who I was and am still so totally obsessed with to this day! So with that High Self-Esteem moment I wish you all a good night and leave you with a High Kick into the Splits! Sweet Dreams…

XoXo- Candy Girl

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