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Sometimes Candy Land Has it’s Obstacles Too! Right Now We Need Prayers

Hey Candy Family, Friends & Fans, We certainly hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Holiday with loved ones. As many of you know I like to live by the motto of “always keep it real.” As much as I struggled with blogging about this, if I am going to remain true to who I am, how I write, how I share our lives with you on my blog and how we live then this needs to be said. Remember my dad Jorge, I blog about him every now and then because he is so fantastic, so fabulously fun and such a wonderful man, father, husband, friend & grandpa to little Isabella ( The Heiress To The Candy Empire) Well, my dad Jorge is battling cancer.. again. It’s not easy and as a family we are experiencing a cyclone of emotions but the one which is the most powerful is our ability to fight and to win! I know that potentially thousands of people may see this post and whatever you believe in, however you believe in it, however you pray, whatever your faith is, whom ever you look to when you need strength & courage, could you PLEASE take just a single moment to ask God for my dads health & wellness. Even if you just say,

“Dear Heavenly Father I ask you to heal Jorge’s body, to take away all traces of cancer, to restore his body to complete health, give him strength, peace & grace during this challenging time. I pray that you bless and guide Jorge’s doctors and nurses and all those whom you have called to study and practice the arts of healing the sick and the prevention of disease and pain. “-Amen

I was raised by incredible parents who taught me to love everyone and everything and although spirituality & religion can be very personal things for many, I just ask that if you have a moment and if you believe like I do, do this for me & my family. “Ask and you shall receive ” I’m asking and I know the man up-stairs is listening. He’s always listening. Thanks guys.

Wishing everyone health, peace & love always…

Love you guys & thank you again my friends. XoXo- Jackie “Candy Girl”

Thankful for family- even one’s like ours that can be a little Wacky or A lot!!!

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