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STORY OF MY LIFE…I think I can, I think I can.. Hell Yeah I Can & We SOOO Just Did!!! Ca

Okay Guys Here It Is!!! The Candy Queen Promo Spots for our TLC Show Candy Queen that ran Last Night!!! (*Insert the most ridiculously loud high pitched screams here and a couple convulsions.) I’m so sorry you’ve got to settle for these grainy versions the candy girls took on their i-phones last night but hey, it works and we NEVER said we were super high tech rocket scientists! We were totally overwhelmed today with so many sweet phone calls, awesome emails from our clients, friends & fans and so many crazy texts our thumbs are numb! We HAD to post this for all of you guys too because you are all a very special part of this experience and make us feel really great about what we do and who we are! You have no idea how excited, grateful, nervous and soooo flippin’ thrilled we all are and I am personally trying really super hard not to go into an early labor because with all the insanity going on around me, it could very likely happen! Keeping fingers, eyes & legs crossed!

You guys rock R sparkly socks, Thanks for caring about this colorful little world of ours!

XoXo- Candy Girls

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