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Stuff Just Keeps Happening! Thank you OC Metro Magazine! Honored To Be One Of Your 25 Hot List Award

I grew up in the OC causing creative havoc, navigating my youth on my pink banana seat bike and even after running away to NYC with $400 bucks at the age of 20, I eventually ended up coming back HOME! Orange County is everything familiar to me and I am simply honored to be one of this years 25 Hot List Awards recipients. When I realized that former astronauts, HUGE Ceo’s, Nobel Peace Prize Winners & Super Genius’s received this honor too I thought… HUH??? You sure this is for me???? I kinda feel like for the last 6 years I have been in total machine mode. I was broke in a gross apartment with my husband ” the super sweet & gorgeous engineer” who lost his job and I had been fired by my mentor from a job I LOVED ( though I deserved it). The economy tanked and I simply had an idea.. ” I wanted to make people HAPPY!” Starting this business out of my garage while PREGNANT & BROKE ( surprise!!!) has been the best thing to ever happen to me! It’s taught me tremendously and although I admit, I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart and had dreams of running my own company & being a talk show host someday, I didn’t quite realize the kind of impact my business would make on others! WE ARE IN THE HAPPINESS BUSINESS! Do you know how great it feels to have created a brand out of NOTHING and with NOTHING and turned it into SOMETHING that is all about JOY! JOY! SWEET JOY!!! This story will continue for many years to come, that I am SURE of! At this moment, I am simply really touched by this tremendous honor and super excited about what’s ahead of us.. The Best Is Yet To Come…

Skies The Limit For Every Single One Of Us.. BELIEVE IT

XoXo, Jackie

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