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The Candy Girls Parents Go On A European Vacation… And They Had The Wildest, Wackiest & M


Fanny pack, check, matching outfits, check!

Yo! Where’s the meatballs?

Manja, Manja..

Seriously, I get it, you really like the naked guy!

The Chachki store, I like them all…

The Argentinian Prom King & The Mexican Prom Queen

after so many years, totally obsessed with each other…still

Act your age kids!

Thanks for clearing that up dad!

I’m writing this post in honor of the 2 most wonderful people I know, my mom and dad ( Georgie & Arci) who’ve just returned from a fabulous 2 week vacation to Europe and traveled around like 2 newlyweds on their honeymoon. They went from Barcelona to Italy to Austria to Munich and back. My parents spent a majority of their lives working really, really hard. For 25+ years they woke up at 4:30 am and ended their days around 6pm, 6 days a week and Never complained! They are so fun & silly, still so in love and obsessed with each other ( no joke) and they have the most incredible group of fun loving friends who they celebrate all of life’s moments with, including both the good and the bad. They have such an appreciation for life and they live big and I love that. They only do things that make them happy and I love that too. My parents believe in me so much that I don’t fear much of anything anymore and my mom tells me as wacky & nuts as I may be, she wouldn’t trade me for anyone in the world ( aww). In the times I have failed, and there have been plenty as I am perfectly imperfect, they’ve told me to get over it, keep going and get to happy. ( Tough love can work) Well, I’ve done all that and for quite a while now I’ve been really happy. So mom and dad, this blog post is for you. As corny as it may seem and cliche as it sounds, I owe everything to you and all the big things that are coming up and are just around the corner, I know you’ll be there still advising my to do this, not do that, say yes to this, say no to that, and mom will still tell me my dress is too short, tell me to sit up straight, and to wear my hair off my face in a pony tail since she likes it that way.

I love you guys and thank you for always keeping it real with me and with others. Out of the 1000+ photos my dad has emailed me from their adventures, these were totally my fava-faves…

And one more thing, these photos truly speak volumes and I couldn’t even make this stuff up if I tried.

Gratzi mamma y papa te amo ciao… ( thanks google translator)

Your daughter…

Oh and PS! And we love the all Euro Chachkis, The Apron with pictures of Italy all over it, The World Cup Hat with the really bright colors, The Beer Coaster from Austria and that Red Bread Basket will look amazing on my table if I ever once get the chance to throw a dinner party. And totally not complaining, only suggesting, next time if you want to make it easier on yourselves you can just bring me back a little black leather Fendi (so Italiano right)

Note! A Fendi Bag that Jackie really likes…

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